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Loyola's Career Center helps students and alumni at whatever point they are in their career journeys, from the first day of undergraduate classes to late career changes. We've developed a unique four phase approach that we use to serve every student and alumni, assessing where they are and helping them make progress toward their goals.

Our team of professionals is ready to serve you in a variety of ways:

One-on-One: Counseling and coaching

Whether you want to explore all the potential options in front of you or get detailed tips on pursuing a specific position, our mixed team of career counselors and industry insider coaches is here to support you as you achieve your personal goals. More than 2,200 students and alumni met with the Career Center in 2017-18.

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Events and Workshops

We host a variety of career-themed events in collaboration with employers, alumni, and on-campus partners. These include resume building workshops, interview training, networking events, career fairs, and many more.

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Job and Internship Connections

Loyola is a proud member of Handshake, an online platform featuring over 120,000 employers posting positions and searching for top college and alumni talent to fill them.

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On-Campus Recruiting

Nearly 300 employers come directly to Loyola's campus every year to interview candidates for incredible opportunities. Many students receive job or internship offers at top organizations without ever having to step foot off campus!

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Fostering Alumni and Support Network Connections

Loyola boasts an active network of over 60,000 alumni as well as thousands of parents and volunteers who support the University. We've created Loyola Connect as a way to bring this community together around career-related networking. We also guide students and alumni in leveraging LinkedIn to search for alumni with experience related to their career aspirations.

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Business Cards, Thank You Notes and Resume Paper

They may seem like small things, but having professional business cards, thank you notes and and high-quality resume paper help you stand out early in your career. Print your resume at the Career Center during regular business hours on resume paper we provide when we're back on-campus.

*Update: Business card printing is postponed during on-line learning. Consider making an appointment with a member of our team to review LinkedIn and other virtual ways to connect.


Reciprocity with other Jesuit Career Centers

Most of the nation’s 28 Jesuit College & University Career Centers offer select services such as assistance with local job and internship searches to students and alumni from other Jesuit schools. For more information, contact us at 410-617-2232 or thecareercenter@loyola.edu.

We're Open to Ideas

Career services is a constantly changing field and our team is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of innovation. Do you have the next great idea for supporting Greyhound career success? We'd love to hear from you at 410-617-2232 or thecareercenter@loyola.edu.

Katie Kazmierski

Katie Kazmierski

Her Jesuit education from Loyola encourages Katie to approach different communities with compassion, patience, and love

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