Loyola University Maryland

Office of Budget and Planning

Administrative Services Review

The Administrative Services Review project is a review all of Loyola’s administrative services in order to maintain or enhance service levels at the University, remove bottlenecks, and reduce the cost of service delivery, with a strong consideration of relevance to mission, support of our student-centered focus, and fiscal stewardship. Ultimately, our findings will help Loyola better deliver upon its mission and ensure a sustainable financial model for the future.

This project, which continues and builds on collaborative work that has been ongoing at the University for some time, has been endorsed by Loyola’s president along with the Cabinet. It also strongly aligns with priorities in Loyola’s new strategic plan, The Ignatian Compass: Guiding Loyola University Maryland to Ever Greater Excellence.

The focus of the administrative services review will be to support the reallocation of existing resources and to focus future resource investments in ways that best support student success and provide the quality of services our students, faculty, administration, and staff need. As appropriate, the University will consider ways that services can be more fundamentally revised to create cost-savings opportunities. This continued focus on return on investment and efficiency complements the Academic Portfolio Project (APP), which is helping Loyola increase its understanding of the return on investment from its portfolio of academic offerings and identify opportunities to increase the efficiency and productivity of its academic experiences. The APP was completed in spring 2016 with implementation work commencing this past summer.

This project will be led by Sean Francis, assistant vice president for budget and business intelligence, supported by a project team and in partnership with rpk GROUP, a leading national consulting firm that has successfully helped universities and other nonprofits across the country combine a mission and market approach to strategic planning and business development. For Loyola, rpk GROUP will provide project management support, data collection, and analysis with a focus on our reallocation strategies. Loyola partnered with rpk GROUP previously on the APP project. The administrative services review project’s 5-month timeframe will enable its potential outcomes to support the University’s work in developing the Fiscal Year 2018 budget.