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Diversity Requirement

The diversity requirement was established as a graduation requirement for all students who entered Loyola in 2006 and beyond. This course may simultaneously fulfill a core, major, minor, or elective requirement for the student. The diversity course may be taught in any discipline and will focus on domestic diversity, global diversity, and justice awareness.

Diversity courses are listed under each department’s heading and designated with a D after the course number. For example, a section of History 101 might be HS101.20 (not a diversity section) or HS101D.12 (a diversity section). By completing HS101D.12, a student will have fulfilled the diversity course requirement. Completion of the requirement will be reflected on the degree audit.

All diversity designated courses are listed on the diversity course requirement website which is maintained by the office of academic affairs and diversity. For courses for which you can register for the upcoming semester, go to Student Planning.