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Loyola Chimes

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The Loyola Chimes are the best (and only) men's a cappella group on campus. They perform a rich repertoire of music ranging from classic rock, to pop, to folk music. The group is one of the oldest on campus, and can trace its roots and traditions back into the early 1950's. Campus notoriety for the group has increased significantly in the last decade, with their bi-annual show, Chordbusters, selling out both nights within only a couple of hours this past winter. Every Chime would agree that being a member of the group is entrance into one of the tightest brotherhoods on campus. Embodying Loyola's value, "for and with others" the Chimes not only serve the student body and the public with their gift of music, they also serve each other. Any Chime would help out any other in whatever way he could.

Four performances a year are set, two occurring in the early winter, and two in the late spring. Chordbusters is the Chimes’ signature concert, where they perform their entire set list, typically consisting of about eleven songs. Other performances are usually by request. Many other groups and clubs on campus request the Chimes to perform at their events, and an appearance by the Chimes often yields a good turnout at the event. Lately, the Belles' and Chimes' appearances at Relay for Life have been a great success.

We encourage any guy who is passionate about music to come out for the group in the fall. Auditions are laid back, and we always need talented voices to replace the seniors who graduate.

This year's group is led by group president Jonas Nissley, and music directors Harrison Oztemel and Kyle Jones.