The Value of a Loyola Education

We know you are acutely aware of the scale of your investment. You want to know exactly the kind of experience and outcome it is securing. At Loyola, we welcome your questions openly and address them head-on, because the answers are the very definition of the Loyola experience. We make our case for value confidently, plainspokenly, and directly.

You may be asking yourself, is Loyola really worth the investment?

Yes, it is. And we'd like to offer a few compelling reasons why…

No. 4 in U.S. News & World Report's “Best Colleges” Guide for 2022

Top 2% for economic value added to the mid-career salary of alumni by the Brookings Institution

Top 7% nationally for highest mid-career salary potential of graduates by

Top 2% in the nation for long-term return on investment out of 4,500 universities

You will...

  • Have access to a major metropolitan area

    Baltimore-Washington is the 4th largest metro area in the U.S. and provides easy access to internships, job opportunities, cultural experiences, and nightlife (not to mention easy trips via plane, train, or bus!).

  • Become a member of two global alumni networks

    The Greyhound pack is 67,000 strong, and the Loyola alumni community is part of the broader, global Jesuit community—which includes nearly 200,000 enrolled students, 19,000 faculty, and more than 2 million alumni.

  • Execute your career plan

    The Career Center at Loyola is designed to support and serve all students—and alumni—in discovering and creating fulfilling careers through programs, tools, and resources for career preparation, networking, job placement, and mentorship opportunities in their field.

  • Add value to your career

    Loyola University Maryland is ranked in the top 7% nationally for highest mid-career salary potential of graduates in PayScale’s most recent College Salary Report—and, separately, No. 3 among nearly 30 universities in Maryland. Loyola ranks No. 104 on PayScale’s list of more than 1,500 schools, with graduates who hold bachelor’s degrees reporting mid-career earnings of $139,600.