Outcomes and Value

To graduate from Loyola University Maryland is to undergo a transformation that only a Jesuit education can provide.

A way of being in the world that helps you stay mindful, connected, self-aware, and happy. You’ll have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. A profound awareness of who you are and what brings you joy. No matter where you are 5, 10, and 20 years from now, your Loyola education will always be with you.

Where will your experiences at Loyola take you? How will they impact the people you meet, the career you pursue, the path you take after you receive your diploma?

Learn about the value of a Loyola degree Discover the endless potential for Loyola graduates—in the workforce and around the globe

Why is Loyola worth it?

Because we believe a Jesuit education best prepares you to learn, lead, and serve in a diverse and changing world—and we believe a Jesuit education is best acquired at Loyola University Maryland.

Here's Why

A Jesuit education is an active transformation. In order to benefit fully from it, it has to be directly taught, personally experienced, deeply understood, and put into living practice.

Loyola deploys its full resources to ensure that these transformative experiences are be accessible to all students—wherever their minds and hearts lead, from the day they arrive to the moment they set foot in the world. Our consistently small class sizes, 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio, zero teaching assistants, faculty mentorship, practical extensions of classroom learning, ability to design custom curricula, leadership positions, and unparalleled career resources are distinct features of a Loyola education.

These are the very features, according to the findings of a recent Gallup-Purdue report, that graduates identify as determining whether college was, in fact, worth it.

The outcomes bear out the promise of a Loyola University Maryland degree. 99% of our graduates are employed or in graduate school within six to nine months of graduation, and salaries of our alumni trend over 30% higher than predicted by mid-career. More importantly, both alumni and employers have singled out the distinctive Jesuit aspects of Loyola graduates as primary engines of their enduing success, both professionally and personally.

Strong Truths Well Lived is more than our motto. It is a tangible promise. A promise that you will be actively shaped and challenged by rigorous academics in close communion with faculty and peers. A promise that your values will be strengthened and profoundly deepened. A promise that you will take root in a community big enough to be challenging and broadening, and small enough to be close-knit and welcoming. A promise that you will leave transformed in mind, body, and spirit, poised to thrive and succeed.