Focused, effective career preparation or the profound benefits of a liberal arts education? YES.

No other academic program better prepares you to meet the various and complex challenges you will face in your life—today, tomorrow, and 20 years from now. No other educational experience better prepares you to lead a life full of intellectual inquiry, creative output, meaning, and joy.

Appreciate the triumphs of the human mind. Assess problems with a discerning eye. Clearly articulate your ideas. Practice empathy. Manage diversity and difference. Do what’s right, even when what’s right isn’t easy. Our society and our world depend on those who possess these critical capacities more than ever.

Students who experience the Jesuit approach to education at Loyola University Maryland graduate with uniquely powerful traits: bright minds, bold hearts, and broad global knowledge. They embrace and thrive—and go on to succeed—in our wondrous, beautiful, interconnected, and complicated world.

20 average class size

12:1 student-faculty ratio



80% of students participate in a practicum, internship, and/or field experience

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The Core

The foundation for your well-lived life

The core curriculum is just that: the core of the Loyola experience. A shared body of knowledge that will inform your singular passions. A trusted guide to your future and an unshakable link to your past. Through the core, you'll be exposed to a wide variety of subjects. You'll develop lifelong habits of curiosity, integrity, persistence, and a passion for the pursuit of knowledge.