Mentorship & Guidance

Nothing sets Loyola apart more than the role faculty and other mentors will play in your experience here. In fact, few things will transform your life as much as the relationships you forge with professors, administrators, coaches, and other members of the Loyola community.

These people will be your guides, mentors, personal advisors, and champions. Your confidants when you need a listening ear. Your compass when you lose your way. They know what you’re capable of—sometimes even better than you do—and are personally invested in your success. They will help you find your passion, gain the confidence to pursue it, and build the skills and experience to thrive in your field. Their insights, guidance, encouragement, and confidence in your potential will stay with you for the rest of your life…

students and faculty in class

The literature professor who recognizes your talent and encouraged you to become a writer. The administrator who nominates you for a leadership role that leads to you launching a social movement on campus. The chemistry professor who sees your potential and invites you to conduct research with her. The club soccer coach who connects you to a life-changing internship at Under Armour. The writing professor whose past life as a war reporter inspires your interest in journalism. The academic advisor who helps you chart a course that allows you to study abroad and take classes for your major in a foreign language.

At Loyola, no one has the same experience, because here you are known personally and taught and supported as an individual.

You are not like anyone else. Your academic experience shouldn’t be like anyone else’s.

Faculty Messina: Our First-Year Program Academic Support and Advising