Campus Overview

The Evergreen campus is, quite simply, what college should be. It is grassy quadrangles filled with Frisbees and picnic lunches, historic academic buildings that inspire you to crack open your books, and comfortable residence halls where you have life-changing conversations, discover new favorite bands, and eat a whole lot of pizza. We invite you to explore our facilities, buildings, and 80 acres of wooded Maryland landscape through our photo gallery. Of course, there's no better way to learn about Loyola than to experience it firsthand—so plan your visit today!

Once you set foot on campus, it will be hard to imagine spending four years anywhere else

The Quad

At the center of Loyola’s campus is the Quad—a popular spot for playing Frisbee, studying, or holding class in warmer months. It's also the site of Loyolapalooza, our spring festival that features rides, carnival food, and performances by popular bands.

Fitness and Aquatic Center

The Fitness and Aquatic Center, or FAC as it’s often referred to, is the epicenter of health and fitness at Loyola. Facilities include a rock climbing wall, squash and racquetball courts, an indoor track, cardio and weight rooms, an aquatic center, and free yoga, Pilates, and group fitness classes. It's no wonder Olympic swimmers Michael Phelps and Katie Hoff have trained here.

Humanities Center

The porch of the Knott Humanities Center overlooks the Quad and is an ideal spot for studying, socializing, and enjoying an iced coffee on a warm day. The building itself is a converted mansion, home to several departments and the president’s office.

Alumni Memorial Chapel

In addition to a daily celebration of Mass, Loyola’s Alumni Memorial Chapel is home to many community events such as Lessons and Carols and Presence for Christmas. You may even spot alumni returning on the weekends to get married!

Ridley Athletic Complex

The home of the Greyhounds, Loyola’s state-of-the-art stadium features a 6,500-seat grandstand, playing fields, and the latest in modern amenities. It is located just two miles west on Cold Spring Lane from Loyola’s main campus.

Residence Halls

Loyola’s 16 residence halls are spacious, modern, fully furnished apartment–style homes featuring all the comforts of home and then some. According to the Princeton Review’s annual “Dorms like Palaces” list, our on–campus residence halls are among the best in the country.

Loyola/Notre Dame Library

The library houses more than 425,000 volumes and more than 16,000 media items. The library has four floors and features an auditorium, cybercafe, multi-functional gallery, group study areas, seminar rooms, and a digital media lab.

The Bridge

Loyola’s pedestrian bridge, which crosses N. Charles Street, is frequently abuzz with students rushing to class, club meetings, or to meet up with friends for lunch.

Sellinger School of Business and Management

The Joseph A. Sellinger, S.J., School of Business and Management building features smart classrooms, lounges, computer labs, and a café. It is also home to the Student Experiential Learning Lab (SELL), where students manage a real portfolio of University endowment funds, partner with faculty on market research, and learn to manipulate, use, and make value-based decisions with applied market data.

Donnelly Science Center

The Donnelly Science Center features modern classrooms and high-tech laboratory facilities (including a robotics lab!), and houses Loyola’s biology, chemistry, computer science, and physics departments.

The Study

The Study is a spacious (and silent!) lounge where students can hunker down and hit the books—as well as take advantage of the free peer tutoring services offered for nearly all undergraduate courses.