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The Arts in Baltimore & Beyond

The Baltimore/Washington Area is a great place to study and enjoy the visual and performing arts. Baltimore's two major museums (The Walters Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Art) are both easily accessible from Loyola's campus, while the riches of Washington, D.C., are just a short train ride away.

Museums, Galleries, and Art Institutions in Baltimore

Major Museums and Galleries in Washington, D.C.

Theatre in Baltimore

Theatre in Washington, D.C.

Music in Baltimore

Dan Schlapbach, MFA

Dan Schlapbach, MFA

Dan Schlapbach, MFA, sees photography as a vehicle for student expression and intellectual discovery

Visual & Performing Arts
A collage of drawings of the human form with various cultural modifications
Course Snapshot

Exploring Studio Arts 303: Life Drawing

Students in this visual arts class examine the structure—and intellectual context—of the human anatomy.