Loyola University Maryland

Department of Speech-Language-Hearing Sciences

Student Outcome Data

Below is the Student Outcome Data for the master's program in Speech-Language Pathology.

On-time Program Completion Rates

Reporting Period     

Number completed
expected timeframe

    Number completed later
than expected
time frame

     Number not  

 Percentage Completing

 Recent Year

56  0   0   
1 Year Prior
49 0 0  
  2 Years Prior
48 0 0
3-year average    100.00%

Praxis Examination Pass Rates

All master's students must take the PRAXIS examination prior to certification.

Reporting Period

      Number Taking 
the Exam  

  Number Passed
the Exam  

  Percentage Passed 
Exam Rate 

  Recent Year
43 41
1 Year Prior
38 35
  2 Years Prior 
47 45
3-year average  94.53%


Note: The Praxis examination reporting period is the testing year or examination cycle, not the year of graduation for the test-takers. The data for each reporting period may include test-takers who graduated from the program within the prior 3 years.

Employment Rates of Graduates

Number and percentage of speech-language pathology graduates employed in the profession or pursuing further education in the profession within one year of graduation

Reporting Period

Number of Graduates

Number of Graduates
not Employed

Percentage Employed

1 Year Prior (Class of 2020)  47 2  
 2 Years Prior (Class of 2019)  48 0  
3 Years Prior (Class of 2018) 51  0 
3-year average  98.65% 

Note: The employment rate reporting period is not the year of graduation. The data for each reporting period should represent the individuals who graduated from the program one year prior.


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