Loyola University Maryland

Department of Sociology

Interdisciplinary Majors

Current as of catalogue year 2021-2022.

Students pursuing an interdisciplinary major in sociology must complete 8 sociology courses:

  • SC 100 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SC 201 - Self and Society
  • SC 202 - Social Power and Social Change, or SC 203 - Globalization and Society
  • SC 342 - Social Research Methods
  • SC 355 - Sociological Theory
  • Three sociology electives, two of which must be SC 360-499 level (and one of those must be a 400-level seminar)

For catalogue years before 2021-2022, or for more information on available courses, please visit the Loyola catalogue.

Michelle Gawerc

Michelle Gawerc, Ph.D.

This sociology professor's work is driven by her dedication to peace, justice, and understanding