Loyola University Maryland


Graduate Psychology Curriculum

The M.S. in Clinical Professional Counseling is 60 credits, completed full time, and spans two years and four months. The curriculum is designed to map onto license eligibility for the Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor license in Maryland, and many other states. The curriculum sequence is outlined below. Course days and times are determined each semester based on University and faculty scheduling, and may be held in the evenings.

Year 1

First Fall Semester (12 Credits)

PY 615 Advanced Psychopathology

PY 620 Theories of Counseling & Psychotherapy

PY 621 Principles and Practices of Psychotherapy

PY 715 Human Biopsychology

First Spring Semester (12 Credits)

PY 600 Assessment and Appraisal

PY664 Lifespan Development

PY 710 Diversity Issues in Psychology

PY 746 Research Methods

Year 2

Summer (6 Credits)

PY 618 Group Therapy

PY 639 Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders

Second Fall Semester (9 Credits)

PY 622 Advanced Techniques of Counseling & Psychotherapy #1

PY 657 Lifestyle & Career Development

PY 705 Ethical, Legal and Professional Issues in Counseling & Psychology

Second Spring Semester (9 Credits)

PY624 Marriage and Family Therapy

PY 712 Business Issues in Professional Practice

PY 770 Practicum (100 hours)

Year 3

Summer (6 credits)

PY622 Advanced Techniques of Counseling & Psychotherapy #2

PY 771 Off-Campus Externship I/PY 728 On-Campus Supervision (300 hours)

Third Fall Semester (6 credits)

PY742 Supervision of Counseling and Psychotherapy

PY 771 Off-Campus Externship I/PY 728 On-Campus Supervision (300 hours)

Total: 60 Credits; 2 Years & 4 Months

Knekiya Harper


Knekiya says she found everything she wanted at Loyola: the training to become a mental health therapist, hands-on counseling experience, and the chance to be a mentor