Loyola University Maryland

Pre-Health Programs

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Loyola’s vibrant pre-health community consists of over 600 students at different stages of their journey. The pre-health office supports students’ curricular planning, graduate school preparation, and career awareness throughout their four years at Loyola and beyond. We offer advising and services for students interested in medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician assistant career, and many other health professions.

We are an active force in many of Baltimore’s most underserved neighborhoods and prestigious hospitals. Service and field experiences will give students the confidence to engage with people from diverse backgrounds. We know that success in health care requires complex skills, cultural sensitivity, team work, and commitment to life-long learning. Explore this site to find about undergraduate preparation for health careers, opportunities at Loyola, and our connections in and beyond Baltimore.

Mhret Alemu


Loyola’s wealth of opportunities for leadership experience, internships, and community service stimulates Mhret’s personal and academic growth

Biomedical Physics, Forensic Studies