Loyola University Maryland

Department of Physics

Learning Aims

The physics department has developed six learning aims for the physics major:

  • Students will develop a solid understanding of the fundamental principles of physics, including:
    -  a firm conceptual grasp of the central principles of physics,
    -  an ability to work with the concepts mathematically, and
    -  a functional understanding of how these ideas play out in the real world
  • Students will develop a flexible and creative problem-solving ability
  • Students will develop an integrated understanding of the unity of physics
  • Students will develop their ability to communicate ideas of science
  • Students will develop a functional understanding of symbolic and numerical computation
  • Students will develop an expertise in experimental methodologies

A more complete description of these learning aims appears in this document.

Andrea Erdas

Andrea Erdas

This professor of physics believes Loyola’s core Jesuit values provides students with a well-rounded science education