Loyola University Maryland

Department of Physics

Foundation Courses

The foundation of the physics program is a sequence of eight physics courses, four mathematics courses, one computer science course and six physics laboratories. These courses are taken by all physics majors regardless of which track they are following. The courses are as follows:

  • CS 151 Computer Science I
  • MA 251 Calculus I
  • MA 252 Calculus II
  • MA 304 Ordinary Differential Equations
  • MA 351 Calculus III
  • PH 201 General Physics I
  • PH 291 General Physics Lab I
  • PH 202 General Physics II
  • PH 292 General Physics Lab II
  • PH 293 Intermediate Lab I
  • PH 294 Intermediate Lab II
  • PH 307 Math Methods in Physics
  • PH 312 Modern Physics
  • PH 316 Classical Mechanics
  • PH 317 Thermal Physics
  • PH 397 Experimental Methods I (lab)
  • PH 398 Experimental Methods II (lab)
  • PH 415 Quantum Mechanics I
  • PH 417 Electricity and Magnetism I

You may find descriptions of these courses in the undergraduate catalogue.

Andrea Erdas

Andrea Erdas

This professor of physics believes Loyola’s core Jesuit values provides students with a well-rounded science education