Loyola University Maryland

Philosophy Department


The requirements for the Philosophy minor is as follows:

1. PL201 and one other PL200-level course

2. 5 courses at 300 or 400 level. One course may be the ethics core requirement, provided this course is chosen from PL300-319.

For questions regarding the minor in Philosophy, please contact Dr. Fuat Gursozlu at fgursozlu@loyola.edu

Minor Concentrations

Philosophy and the Mind (Recommended for Psychology Majors, Biology, Chemistry Majors)

Western Moral Psychology (Biss)

Buddist Moral Pscchology (Locke)

Page (Philosophy of Science ?)

+ 1 ethics and 1 other phil course


Philosophy and Society (Recommended for Business, Economics, Global Studies, Pre-Law)

The Origin of Natural Law and Natural Rights (Witt)

Modern Natural Law (Graham)

Human Rights (Fuat)

+ 1 ethics and 1 other phil course


Graham McAleer

Graham McAleer, Ph.D.

Known for his striped socks and Scottish accent, this professor has an undeniable gift for making students passionate about philosophy