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Philosophy Department

Philosophy at Loyola

The department of philosophy at Loyola University Maryland invites students to mature intellectually and personally by undertaking the “love of wisdom” with fellow students and teachers in a scholarly and collegial manner.


Our department is committed to the study of the history of philosophy and the members of our faculty teach, conduct research, and publish on the principal figures, movements, and schools of philosophy in both the Western and the Non-Westerns traditions. Courses in the department of philosophy may be applied toward the satisfaction of requirements for a number of interdisciplinary programs including, American studies, Medieval studies, Catholic studies, gender studies, global studies, Asian studies, and film studies.

Students are invited to attend guest lectures, engage in philosophic discussions of films, public policies, or current events, and they have the opportunity to distinguish themselves by competing for honors and awards which recognize excellence in scholarship and writing. Students may also earn induction to the Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Tau, the International Honor Society in Philosophy.

Graham McAleer

Graham McAleer, Ph.D.

Known for his striped socks and Scottish accent, this professor has an undeniable gift for making students passionate about philosophy