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Modern Languages & Literatures

Core Language Award Winners

Here are the winners of our Core Award students. These outstanding students have achieved an A in their 104 or 200-level core language classes that allow them to complete their language requirement. The department of Modern Languages and Literatures is very proud of these achievers, and we hope that many become majors or minors.



Misgana Yosief
Abby Royle
Nina Huff


Allison Leung
Anna Sovik
Andy Norman
Horacio Trujllo
Sophia Strocko
Allison Los
Owen Kearns
Meghan Oddy
Fisk Fisk


John Lynn
Henry Stopford
Ava Brown


Alana Johnson
Grace McCarty
Madeleine Webb
Peyton Macpherson
Frank Curcio
Kyle Cannon
Mary Cate Coyle
Will Daly
Julianna DellaCroce
Amelia Dunat
Mac Ferrone
Mai Kasa
Bella LoRusso
Richard Mandaro
Edward McGillicuddy
Erin Vermette
Jillian Dabrowski
Lauren Hayes
Sophie LaBella
Michael Mammano
Sabrina Narda
Lauren Masino
Ebony Shields
Mike Tramontozzi
Sammy Tuveson 
Autumn Winterling


Liberty Diaz 
Katie Blanch
Tommy Menzie
Angelo Roberto 
Angel Scott 
Olivia Pillow
Faith Giegerich
Colin Bobocea
Stephanie Villatoro
Quinn Vaugh
Kiara Mohammed
Michele Langowski
Nick Bosi
Marina Fassolakis
Kyra Hultgren
Sydney Logozzo
Gwenyth Lowery
Sophia Broseghini
Alexis Piasecki
Kristen Polinsky
Sarah Gilmore
Callie Walker
Keira McGrath 
Maeve McNeil 
Abigail Gaughan
Bella Parson
John Regan
Rebecca Walsh
Ryan O’Keefe
Fisk Fisk






Ana Gómez-Pérez, Ph.D.

Ana Gómez-Pérez, Ph.D.

This associate professor of Spanish and department chair believes Loyola gives students an in-depth education

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