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The French philosopher Pascal once said that most of the ills of the world could be traced to people being unable to sit in a room and think. The Honors Program at Loyola University Maryland attempts to teach students how to think.  Because it is committed to liberal arts learning in the Jesuit tradition, the program places special emphasis on ideas and their expression. Students in Honors engage in a dialogue with great thinkers, writers, and artists—ancient and modern—in order to understand how ideas have shaped and continue to shape the world in which we live.

Honors brings together students and faculty who seek not only academic achievement but also intellectual challenge and growth.  The program focuses on the whole person, helping and challenging students as they work to refine and deepen their ability to think critically, to discern the true and the good, to respond to the beautiful, and to explore the intersection of faith and reason.  It offers students who are serious about their intellectual growth a series of classes and activities designed to lay the groundwork for responsible and informed choice in later life. 


Honors students are distinguished by their superior academic records and by their desire to participate in the program’s distinctive curriculum and activities. 


The Honors Program curriculum offers students a fully integrated program of study that is both multi-disciplinary and inter-disciplinary. It accomplishes the goals of the regular University core curriculum, but through an alternate path, and is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the requirements of all majors across the University.

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Though Honors courses are rigorous and challenging, professors endeavor to foster an atmosphere of mutual support and collegiality rather than of rivalry or competition. Honors students speak often of the sense of community that develops among them, and many lasting friendships have grown out of the program. At the same time, Honors students are by no means isolated from the larger University community. Because they often are among the most talented and engaged students on campus, Honors students tend to excel both in the program and in a whole range of extra-curricular campus activities. 


The Honors faculty includes many of the University’s finest professors—teachers and scholars who are selected for their love of learning and their ability to communicate that love to students. They take a deep personal interest in their students and are readily available outside of the classroom for individual consultation and guidance.

portrait of woman touching her throat
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Honors students participating in a small classroom setting
Honors students benefit from seminar-style courses in small classroom settings.
modern white and gray stone buildings on a rolling hillside amidst forest trees
modern white and gray stone buildings perched on rolling hills surrounded by forests
An honors class posing for a group photo in the middle of a hike
Off-campus excursions and activities foster connection among students and help them explore the City of Baltimore and neighborhoods surrounding Loyola’s campus.
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A group of honors students studying and working together in the honors lounge
Honors students can take advantage of full access to the Honors Lounge, a space for studying, collaborating, and meeting featuring large tables, comfortable couches, and a printer, located in the Humanities building.
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facade of National Musuem of African American History & Culture
Three honors students examining a painting on a wall at The Met
Honors courses are combined with an extensive program of trips, events, and extra-curricular enrichment.
Students seated in a circle on the quad for an outdoor class at the beginning of the fall semester
Honors classes are taught by Loyola’s most distinguished faculty, experts in their field who are also dedicated professors and mentors.
Student examining a large ox skull in a science lab
Students are encouraged to undertake independent study, often interdisciplinary, through their honors courses and other classes at Loyola.
A group of honors students posing for a group photo on the front steps of The Met
Our annual trip to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City is always a highlight.
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Honors students posing for a group photo on a wooded trail during a hike
Honors Program

Why I'll always be glad I joined the Honors Program

Faculty mentors, engaging intellectual discourse, and opportunities for academic enrichment like excursions and field trips characterize the Honors Program, Loyola's learning community for high-achieving students.

Inge Heyer

Inge Heyer, Ph.D.

According to Dr. Heyer, Loyola’s core curriculum prepares students to be great problem solvers in physics—and as young professionals