Loyola University Maryland

Department of History

History Minor

For students who entered Loyola prior to Academic Year 2022-23:

The History Department is in the process of transitioning to a new curriculum. For most students who entered Loyola prior to academic year 2022-2023, nothing has changed. Continue to follow the minor as outlined in the Academic Catalogue.

Please note that the note “closed to catalogue year 2022-2023 or beyond” in course descriptions refers to students who are entering Loyola in the Fall 2022.

History minors take a minimum of 6 courses:

  • One HS 100-level core course (HS 101 - 108)
  • One HS 300-level core course 
  • Three HS 300 - or 400-level courses. One HS 100-level course beyond the first core course may be substituted for an HS 300-level course
  • One Special Topics course (HS 410 - 459) or one Seminar (HS 460 - 498)

For students entering Loyola Fall 2022 and after:

History minors take a minimum of 6 courses:

  • Encountering the Past (HS 100)
  • Second History Core (HS 200-299)
  • One seminar (HS 410-498)
  • Three electives. At least two of the three electives must be 300- or 400-level courses; students may take no more than one 200-level course in addition to the second core, for a maximum of two 200-level courses. Students are strongly encouraged, but not required, to take The Historian’s Craft.
  • History minors may choose an optional thematic track consisting of at least three courses. The current thematic tracks are: 1) Gender and Sexuality; 2) Health, Environment, Science, and Technology; 3) Law, Politics, and Society.

Complete information about the major can be found in the Academic Catalogue.


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