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Department of History


The history major at Loyola combines rigorous study with close interaction between students and faculty both inside and outside the classroom. Our faculty not only ensure that you learn “what happened” in the past, but how to come to your own conclusions about the present as well. As an interpretative discipline, we emphasize the importance of analyzing sources, developing interpretations, and understanding patterns in history as well as change over time. 

Studying history develops important skills that are transferable to many professions. In addition to learning how to interpret the past, history majors learn how to assess complicated texts, develop their own interpretations of evidence, and communicate their conclusions to others. These fundamental skills are the basis for success in a rapidly changing economy and are highly sought after by many professions.

In addition to our courses, the department hosts guest speakers, colloquia, and social events. History majors are encouraged to study abroad, take on internships, and participate in student-learning opportunities. 

The History Department faculty includes specialists in every continent and all periods of history, who teach courses that explore a wide range of topics, periods, places, and themes. These include gender and sexuality, war and society, race and empire, environmental history, and many more.

Joseph Walsh

Joseph Walsh, Ph.D.

Joseph Walsh, Ph.D., teaches classics and history at Loyola and is a co-director of the Honors Program

Classics, History