Loyola University Maryland

Department of English


EN 101 is the prerequisite for all upper-level English courses. EN 200-level courses count toward the major.

Graduation Requirements:

English majors and minors should familiarize themselves with these departmental requirements for graduation:

  • Majors take 11 upper-level classes: 3 pre-1800 courses (300-339; 407; 411-439); 1 course in 19th-century literature (350-369; 450-469); 1 course in 20th- and 21st-century literature (370-399; 470-499); 5 electives (any course 300-410). 2 of these courses must be EN 400 level seminars. The second core (EN 200s) counts toward the major.
  • Interdisciplinary Majors take a minimum of five upper-level courses. One must come from courses numbered EN 300-339; 407; 411-439. One of the five must be a seminar.
  • Minors take a minimum of five upper-level courses beyond the core requirement. At least one of these should deal with literature written before 1800 (300-339; 407; 411-439). All English minors are required to take at least one seminar
Robert Miola

Robert Miola, Ph.D.

For this long-time English and Classics professor, the Loyola difference is in the way in which professors teach and by which students learn

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