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Students who elect to major in disciplines such as communications, business, psychology, or science may enrich their educational experience and build their career portfolio by electing to minor in English. These students benefit from the close reading, critical thinking, and purposive writing taught in upper-division English courses. Moreover, their experience in these courses enriches their perspective on global issues and the increasingly diverse world in which they live and will eventually lead.

English minors take a minimum of five upper-division English courses beyond the core requirement. At least two of these should deal with literature written before 1800 (EN 300-359) and two should deal primarily with literature written since 1800 (EN 340-399). The fifth course may be from either area. All English minors are required to take at least one seminar.

Anna DeBlasio

Anna DeBlasio

An actor and singer, Anna says she cultivated her career in the arts through grants from Loyola

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