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Build a lifelong collaboratory network of experts

Our Master of Arts in Emerging Media program embraces all demographics—men, women, recent college graduates, mid-career professionals, career changers, entrepreneurs, and more. These are people interested in learning not just how to create content for new and emerging communication technology platforms, but even more, in discovering how those new and emerging platforms affect our culture, our jobs, indeed the very future of our society.

Through our unique asynchronous approach to online teaching, students from all over the world come together in a dynamic community where they learn to identify trends in emerging media, analyze the challenges and opportunities, and assess the potential for adoption by for-profit and non-profit organizations. 

Students and faculty utilize a variety of social media tools—discussion forums, wikis, blogs, VoiceThread, to name a few – in order to interact with each other more closely than if they were sitting in a “traditional” classroom. Students become strategic, visionary thought leaders in emerging media with a dynamic network of colleagues whose cutting-edge expertise they can share throughout their careers.

Stephanie Suzadail


Stephanie is combining her experience as a nurse along with the Emerging Media program to create an app that better serves her patients in a digital age