Loyola University Maryland

Data Science

Faculty & Staff

Name EmailPhone
Robert S. Kenyon Director Undergraduate Data Science Program, Lecturer, Computer Science
rskenyon@loyola.edu 410-617-2281
Kevin W. Drummey Advisor Undergraduate Data Science Program, Lecturer, Statistics, Course: Linear Statistical Models
kwdrummey@loyola.edu 410-617-5054
Erhan Guven Adjunct Instructor, Computer Science, Courses: Machine Learning; Information Retrieval and Natural Language Processing
Sibren Isaacman Associate Professor, Computer Science, Course: Programming for Data Science
isaacman@cs.loyola.edu 410-617-5621
Pratima Kshetry Lecturer, Information Systems, Course: Introduction to Data Science
pkshetry@loyola.edu 410-617-2752
Bu Hyoung Lee Associate Professor, Statistics, Courses: Multivariate Analysis; Data Science Project
blee4@loyola.edu 410-617-2522
Christopher H. Morrell Emeritus Professor, Statistics, Courses: Statistical Computing; Generalized Linear Models and Multilevel Models
Megan Olsen Professor, Computer Science, Courses: Programming for Data Science; Machine Learning
mmolsen@loyola.edu 410-617-2852
Gloria Phillips-Wren Professor, Information Systems, Courses: Introduction to Data Science, Business Intelligence and Data Mining
gwren@loyola.edu 410-617-5470
Paul P. Tallon Professor, Information Systems, Course: Data Visualization for Decision Making
pptallon@loyola.edu 410-617-5614
Dobin Yim Assistant Professor, Information Systems, Course: Introduction to Programming
dyim@loyola.edu 410-617-2396
Dr. Olsen

Megan Olsen, Ph.D.

Megan Olsen, Ph.D., aims to improve access for all students interested in computer science

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