Loyola University Maryland

Department of Chemistry

Chemistry Minor

The following courses are required for the minor:

  • CH101 General Chemistry I
  • CH105 General Chemistry Lab I
  • CH102 General Chemistry II
  • CH106 General Chemistry Lab II
  • CH301 Organic Chemistry I
  • CH307 Organic Chemistry Lab I
  • CH302 Organic Chemistry II
  • CH308 Organic Chemistry Lab II
  • CH311 Physical Chemistry I
  • CH315 Physical Chemistry Lab I

Two additional courses from the following:

  • CH201 Quantitative Analysis
  • CH310 Medicinal Chemistry
  • CH312 Physical Chemistry II and
  • CH316 Physical Chemistry Lab II
  • CH406 Organic Synthesis
  • CH410 Instrumental Methods and
  • CH411 Instrumental Methods Lab
  • CH412 Inorganic Chemistry
  • CH420 Chemistry Research (3 credits)
  • CH431 Biochemistry I and
  • CH433 Biochemistry Lab I
  • CH432 Biochemistry IIand
  • CH434 Biochemistry Lab II

For individual course descriptions, please visit the Loyola catalog.

Birgid Albrecht

Birgit Albrecht, Ph.D.

Dr. Birgit Albrecht, Loyola's 2017 Distinguished Teacher of the Year, is as passionate about her students as she is about teaching and studying science