Loyola University Maryland

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Bachelor's in Biochemistry

Chemistry Students

The interdisciplinary major specializes in biochemistry/molecular biology. An example of a typical program of courses is as follows:

Freshman Year

Fall Term

  • BL150 Foundations of Biology I*
  • BL151 Foundations of Biology Lab* (1 credit)
  • CH101 General Chemistry I*
  • CH105 General Chemistry Lab I* (1 credit)
  • WR100 Effective Writing**
  • Language Core
  • Social Science Core

Spring Term

  • BL152 Foundations of Biology II*
  • BL153 Foundations of Biology Lab* (1 credit)
  • CH102 General Chemistry II*
  • CH106 General Chemistry Lab II* (1 credit)
  • HS100-Level Core Course**
  • Visual & Performing Arts Core
  • Language Core or
  • Elective

Sophomore Year

Fall Term

  • BL154 Foundations of Biology III *
  • BL155 Foundations of Biology III Lab
  • CH301 Organic Chemistry I*
  • CH307 Organic Chemistry Lab I* (1 credit)
  • EN101 The Art of Reading
  • MA251 Calculus I*
  • PL201 Foundations of Philosophy or
  • TH201 Theology Matters

Spring Term

  • CH302 Organic Chemistry II*
  • CH308 Organic Chemistry Lab II* (1 credit)
  • MA252 Calculus II*
  • PL201 Foundations of Philosophy or
  • TH201 Theology Matters
  • EN200-Level or HS300-Level Course

Junior Year

Fall Term

  • CH431 Biochemistry I* (or BL431)
  • CH433 Biochemistry Lab I* (or BL433) (1 credit)
  • PH201 General Physics I*
  • PH291 General Physics Lab I* (1 credit)
  • Biology/Chemistry Elective*†
  • PL200-Level or TH200-Level Course
  • Elective

Spring Term

  • CH432 Biochemistry II* (or BL432)
  • CH434 Biochemistry Lab II* (or BL434) (1 credit)
  • PH202 General Physics II*
  • PH292 General Physics Lab II* (1 credit)
  • Biology Elective*/**
  • Elective
  • Elective

Senior Year

Fall Term

  • CH311 Physical Chemistry I*
  • CH315 Physical Chemistry Lab I* (1 credit)
  • BL341 Molecular Genetics with Lab*/**
  • Ethics Core
  • Biology/Chemistry Elective*†
  • Elective

Spring Term

  • Social Science Core
  • Elective†
  • Elective†
  • Elective†

* Required for major.
** Terms may be interchanged.

† Students are strongly encouraged to gain laboratory research experience and should consider enrolling in research courses (BL481/BL482 or BL491/BL492 or CH420). CH420 may be used to fulfill one course for the Biochemistry major if it is completed as a 3-credit course. Further research credits will count as free electives. Students should consult with their advisor when selecting these electives.


1. Biology Electives: For the two biology-only electives, choose from BL 322, BL 332/BL 334, BL 361, BL 410 or BL 411, BL 424, BL 426/BL 427, BL 436, and BL 444..

2. Biology/Chemistry Electives: For the two biology/chemistry electives, choose from CH200-level or higher for chemistry electives, including CH 420 and BL200-level or higher for biology electives (see restrictions on research courses).

3. Students must complete the diversity core requirement through a designated diversity core, major, or elective course. (see Diversity Core Requirement under Curriculum and Policies).

Benjamin Gratz


The close relationships Ben has formed with mentors are allowing him to gain valuable experience in the medical field