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Instructors accompanying students through experiments and observations

Loyola's biology department is an actively engaged group that focuses on excellence in teaching and undergraduate research. The curriculum prepares students as academicians, for their professional career after Loyola and as lifelong learners.

Faculty encourage students to become involved in the program beyond the classroom experience by conducting research projects with biology professors and co-authoring papers presented at regional and national meetings, or becoming a member of the Tri Beta National Biology Honor Society or the biology Student Advisory Board. It is our hope that all students will want to become involved in department activities and contribute to an engaging academic environment.

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Nicole Barat Laboratory Manager
Maren Blohm Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Plant Physiology, Plant Stress

Elissa Derrickson
Elissa Derrickson Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Mammal Evolutionary Physiology

Hillevi Ets
Hillevi Ets Assistant Teaching Professor
Chloe Garfinkel
Chloe Garfinkel Assistant Teaching Professor
Dr. Theresa Geiman
Theresa Geiman Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Epigenetics in Stem Cells, Development, and Cancer

Kolaleh Hassan
Kolaleh Hassan Assistant Teaching Professor
Armina Kazi
Armina Kazi Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Cancer Drug Resistance 

Derek Kendig Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Gastrointestinal Physiology and Nutrition

Marie Lau
Marie Lau Assistant Teaching Professor
craig myrum
Craig Myrum Assistant Professor
Bernadette Roche Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Plant Ecology

Lisa Scheifele
Lisa Scheifele Department Chair, Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Yeast Evolution

Andrew Schoeffield Associate Professor

Area of Specialty: Microbiology

Michael Tangrea
Michael Tangrea Endowed Professor

Area of Specialty: Cancer Translational Research and BioInnovation

Christopher Thompson Professor

Area of Specialty: Immunology, Microbiology

Caroline Farrell


For Caroline, her Jesuit education and dedicated mentors are preparing her for a future as a physician’s assistant

Biology, Classical Civilizations
Students measure drops of blood for a lab assignment.
Course Snapshot

Exploring Biology 101: Introduction to Forensic Science

Learn about the field of forensics and acquire the lab techniques needed to conduct crime scene investigations.