• Class of2022

  • Major, MinorHistory, Medieval Studies

“I came to Loyola to study under Kelly DeVries, Ph.D., a respected medieval historian,” says Stephen, who is studying history with a minor in Medieval Studies. “Being his student has helped to greatly increase my writing style and abilities. He has given me confidence to pursue a career in writing, helped me find information on subjects I want to write about, and pointed me in the direction of publishers who produce books in my chosen field.” The Atlanta, Ga., native is eager to conduct an independent study on the Hundred Years War next fall. Stephen believes that Loyola’s Jesuit liberal arts education is helping him become a more well-rounded person, and after graduation he hopes to attend graduate school. “Academically, I am growing by being able to concentrate my studies in my field of interest, which is a niche field. Socially, I am growing by being surrounded by people who share the same passion for history that I do. And in terms of preparation for my career and future, I am growing by engaging in courses that are designed to prepare me for graduate studies.”

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Stephen Kaiser
The faculty and staff at Loyola, whether in the history department or registrar's office, have been extremely helpful. They really care about students and make sure you have what you need to succeed.

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