• Class of2022

  • Majors, MinorEconomics and Theology, Italian Studies

Julia combines two seemingly unlikely subjects as a double major in economics and theology and describes a “constant discovery of the unexpected ways in which the two subjects intersect.” Her favorite thing about Loyola is the faculty: “They have been instrumental in my process of self-discovery, offering their knowledge inside of the classroom and their guidance outside of it. They are extraordinarily generous with their time, whether I am facing a challenge or simply want to have a casual conversation.” Julia points to Joe Walsh, Ph.D., professor of Classics and history and director of the Honors Program, as the reason she ultimately chose Loyola, and to Giuliana Risso-Robberto, her Italian professor in the department of Modern Languages and Literatures, who have made Loyola feel like her second home. “My Loyola professors have demonstrated time and time again that they genuinely want me to succeed. At Loyola, I have an incredible support system of people who are educators, not only in their field of study, but in navigating life.” This student from Maplewood, N.J., is a certified yoga instructor at the FAC and a member of both the Chapel Choir and the Ad Honorem Honors Council. She is involved with a number of other student clubs and organizations, including Interfaith Dialogue and Meditation Club, the Irish Hounds Club, and Faith Zone Fellowship. She also works as an Italian tutor for The Study and an Interfaith Retreat Leader (in-person and virtual retreats) through Campus Ministry.

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Julia Cataneo
I have grown more during my time at Loyola than at any other period of my life. Much of that growth is due to Loyola’s celebration of the unique qualities that each of its students bring to the table.

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