• Class of2023

  • Major, MinorPhysics, Environmental and Sustainability Studies

Meet Ashley, a physics major with a focus in environmental engineering and a minor in Environmental and Sustainability Studies. Ashley chose physics as her major because, she says, “I love being able to intertwine math and calculus and apply these concepts to problems that concern the workings of the world.” She is a scholar in the CPaMS Scholars Program, a member of the Physics Club, and a physics teaching assistant. She also works as a tutor for the Study and the physics department. Originally from Medina, Ohio, Ashley’s favorite thing about Loyola is the community. “Loyola has a fantastic support system that is ready to offer advice or help someone when they need it. Professors are always willing to help, and they want their students to fully understand the material so they can be successful in the classroom and beyond.” As a member of Loyola’s volleyball team, Ashley says, “Being able to play a sport that I love while also pursuing my educational interests makes my overall experience at Loyola one that I will cherish for the rest of my life.” After graduation, she will apply the critical thinking skills and knowledge that she has acquired through the physics program to her future studies and career. Ashley intends to either attend graduate school to study environmental engineering or apply to law school. She believes the liberal arts core curriculum is making her a more well-rounded person, allowing her to explore other interests, and uniquely preparing her for her life and career after Loyola.

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Ashley Dwyer
No matter your intended major, your interests, or your ideologies, Loyola is a university where you will be able to find people that value the same things you do.

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