• Class of2022

  • Interdisciplinary Major, Minor English and Communication, Writing

Amber, from Silver Spring, Md., is an interdisciplinary major in English and communication with a minor in writing. “With the interdisciplinary major and minor, I am able to explore different paths that incorporate what I love doing from different perspectives,” she says. Amber hopes to launch a career in the publishing industry. Thanks to Loyola, she gained hands-on classroom experience as the acquisitions editor of Apprentice House Press—experience that is preparing her for career. Amber is the president of the Black Student Association and she works as a tutor in the Writing Center; she also serves as an ALANA mentor and as a student leader with the Baltimore Jewish Council. She considers Raven Williams, director of ALANA Services, a mentor and a source of guidance and compassion: “She has pushed me towards opportunities that are out of my comfort zone and helped me excel in positions that I was already involved in. She listens, she cares, and I do not believe I would be as involved on and off campus, if it were not for her.”

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Amber Davis
I have made lifelong friendships and relationships that I would have never imagined before coming to Loyola. The university and the people here have helped shape me into the person I am now.

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