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Headshot of Jon Malis

Jon Malis
Photography Program Coordinator
Associate Professor of Photography

MFA, American University
Office: College Center W211

Jon Malis is an interdisciplinary artist investigating the representation and display of visual content, focusing on how various methods of presentation and production can alter the viewer’s interpretation, and experience of visual culture. He has been recognized with the National Photography Award from the von Lebig Art Center, grants from the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, semi-final nominations for the Lumen, Sondheim and the Trawick prizes and a Panavision New Filmmaker's Grant. He’s exhibited extensively in the Washington, DC region, nationally, and internationally; reviewed in the Washington Post and City Paper; and featured on Maryland Public TV and PBS.

Headshot of Dan Schlapbach

Dan Schlapbach
Professor of Photography
MFA, Indiana University
Office: College Center W213

Dan Schlapbach’s work has been exhibited locally and nationally. Mr. Schlapbach’s research interests include the history of photography, alternative photographic processes such as stereo photography and wet-plate collodion, and digital imaging. He received an Individual Artist Award from the Maryland State Arts Council in 2008 and 2011.

Teaching Faculty
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Heather Braxton
Assistant Teaching Professor of Photography
MFA, Maryland Institute College of Art
Office: College Center W215A

Heather Braxton is a Baltimore-based artist, teacher, and activist. She is a full-time Lecturer in Photography at Loyola University. She earned her Bachelor of Art in Photography, Graphic Design, and Fine Arts from Western Connecticut State University. In 2016, she earned her Master of Fine Arts in Photographic and Electronic Media from Maryland Institute College of Art. Largely her work focuses on social, political and/or personal boundaries and takes form in photography, video, text, printmaking, book, and installation. She has worked with groups advocating equity, visibility, and equality in the arts over the past 8 years.

Affiliate Faculty
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Zak Arctander
Affiliate Instructor of Photography
MFA, Yale University School of Art
Office: College Center W313A

Generic avatar icon  Cyrus Feldman
Affiliate Instructor of Photography
MFA, Maryland Institute College of Art
Office: College Center W313A

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