Martha Taylor, Ph.D.

  • Academic FocusClassics, History

Martha Taylor, Ph.D., professor of Classics and chair of the Classics department, enjoys the variety of courses she teaches and the close community feel within the department. Taylor and her colleagues work to mentor each student in hopes of helping them receive research grants and achieve professional success. Taylor, who has taught at Loyola since 1993, earned her bachelor’s degree in Greek from Bryn Mawr College and both her master’s degree and Ph.D. from Stanford University. During graduate school, Taylor was a fellow of the American School of Classical Studies and lived in Athens for two years; her scholarship and research focus on Athens and its empire. Prior to teaching at Loyola, Taylor was a faculty member at Reed College in Portland, Ore. Her students might be surprised to learn that she has spent a decent amount of time on archaeological digs—including on excavations outside of Rome, Athens, and Boiotia. In her free time, the Summit, N.J., native enjoys kayaking on Squam Lake in New Hampshire, and her favorite time of year is the beginning of the semesterespecially the fall—when it seems like anything is possible.

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Martha Taylor
What’s especially nice about teaching and working at Loyola is how genuinely student-focused everyone is.

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