Robert Miola, Ph.D.

  • Academic Focus English, Classics

Robert Miola, Ph.D., is a professor of English and Classics and the Gerard Manley Hopkins professor of English at Loyola. He says the Jesuit values he learned while studying at Fordham University inspired his love for literature. Miola earned his master’s degree and doctorate in literature from the University of Rochester; his scholarship focuses on Renaissance of Greek and Latin literature, Shakespeare, and early modern Catholicism in manuscripts, printed books, and practices of the 16th and 17th century. He has published or edited 15 books and more than 60 articles on these subjects and others. Miola, who began teaching at Loyola in 1983, was intrigued by the University’s Jesuit character and core values, focus on the humanities, and an academic experience grounded in the liberal arts. “In both Classics and English, every day we confront challenging questions, encounter alien and strange ideas, and hear voices variously authoritative, compelling, marginalized, and demonized.” He says he enjoys his students’ eagerness to learn and says studying literature helps them speak clearly and write persuasively—which can lead to future careers in medicine, human resources, business, and law.

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Robert Miola
I much appreciate that at Loyola, my colleagues actually care about teaching—and students actually care about learning. We don’t only read great works of literature; they read us and ultimately they reside in us, transforming ordinary perceptions, understandings, and lives into extraordinary ones.

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