Ana Gómez-Pérez, Ph.D.

  • Academic Focus Modern Languages & Literatures

Ana Gómez-Pérez, Ph.D., associate professor of Spanish, shapes her courses to help students experience a variety of cultures and view the world through a different lens. “Learning another language ensures a better understanding of foreign cultures, promotes empathy, and helps students to develop a broader standpoint to address issues of universal importance—all in consonance with Loyola’s strategic aim to educate citizens in the global city,” says Dr. Gómez-Pérez. Originally from Madrid, Spain, she came to the United States to attend graduate school and earned her doctoral degree in Spanish Literature from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Gómez-Pérez sees Loyola’s Spanish program as unique because students have the opportunity to apply language skills through service-learning and service immersion experiences, as well as through Loyola’s excellent study abroad programs in Spanish-speaking countries. As chair of the department of modern language and literatures, she makes it her mission to listen to her students and help them develop a pathway of success for the University—and beyond.

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Ana Gómez-Pérez, Ph.D.
By encouraging them to explore the interconnections between the many ways of perceiving and studying the world, Loyola prepares its students of Spanish to fashion their own path toward making a meaningful contribution to our common global experience.

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