Erin Wright

  • Class Year 2016

  • Degree M.A. Emerging Media

After obtaining her B.A. in Journalism from Pennsylvania State University, Erin Wright continued her education with Loyola’s Emerging Media Program, from which she graduated in 2016. She now works as a Reader Engagement Editor at the New York Times, a role she says she was prepared for, thanks to her Master of Arts. “More than anything else, this program taught me that any media platform or concept must discourage one-way interaction,” she said. “That’s to say, with the advance of technology and the way in which social media has—like it or not—insinuated itself into public life, consumers of content are not looking to be lectured with no chance of rebuttal, nor are they content to write a letter to the editor that may or may not be read.” Erin is grateful to have had formal training in digital media components such as coding, creating best-practices, and techniques for writing for the Web, which have helped advance her journalism career in the digital age.

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Erin Wright
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