Jamie Grasing

  • Class Year 2015

  • Degree B.A. Economics

Jamie Grasing, ’15, is a Ph.D. student in Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park, who has plans to pursue a career in economic policy in the Washington, D.C. area, when he finishes his degree. As a student at Loyola, Jamie majored in economics with minors in mathematics and French; he studied abroad in Montpelier, France, and was also on the Ultimate Frisbee Team and the Honor Council. He credits the Honors Program with giving him the skills he needed for his career—and his life. “At first, one may question the value of an Honors Program based largely in the humanities to a student whose major lies in the business, physical, or social science fields,” he notes. “Yet, no matter if you are a theater major or a biology major, an English major or an economics major, the Honors Program is valuable to work and life after Loyola because of the intensity with which it forces its students to contemplate the bigger picture.” Jamie also notes that the commitment and passion of both the teachers and students at Loyola had a huge impact on his personal growth and success... In fact, he met his wife through the Honors Program three years ago.

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Jamie Grasing
I found at Loyola that the professors did not have a passing sense of commitment to the academic success of the students in their classes, but instead a broader desire for the personal growth and success of each student.

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