Moira Curran

  • Class of 2002

  • Degree B.A. Communication

Moira, who majored in communication with a political science minor, had always planned to work as a music publicist. After she graduated from Loyola, her passion for music entertainment led her to work with a music publishing company in New York City—and later to pursue her master’s degree in music business from New York University. A mentor connected her with an entertainment-based marketing company in D.C., changing the course of her career. Moira went on to work as vice president of digital marketing at CBS and today is vice president of digital marketing and engagement with Showtime. “I’ve been in digital, and in television, for most of my career. One of the most challenging and exciting things about my job is that the digital landscape is incredibly dynamic and constantly changing,” says Moira, who credits her Loyola education for providing a guideline for her life and career—and giving her lifelong girlfriends whom she considers family. In her role with Showtime, Moira oversees digital marketing campaigns, partnerships, and the content for the network’s original series, documentaries, and specials. After splitting the distance between Los Angeles and D.C. for many years, today she calls New York City home.

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Headshot of Moira Curran
I so value what I received from my Jesuit education at Loyola—and particularly, the pursuit of truth, the encouragement of critical thinking, and the importance of community.

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