The Key Elements of the Loyola Experience.

These brand pillars—or themes—provide the framework for our brand story. They define what we do and why we do it. These themes should be weaved into the stories and messages you write and share.

Students walking and talking with a professor outside
Pillar 1

Mentorship and Guidance

Students at Loyola are individually taught and taught as individuals. Faculty, administrators, staff, and coaches are committed to forming genuine relationships with their students so they may serve as true mentors and guides, spurring achievement and connecting students’ passions to purpose.

A professor teaching a small class of students
Pillar 2

Jesuit Liberal Arts Education

A Jesuit education grounded in the liberal arts helps ensure a rigorous and lasting mastery of any field of study. It fosters the qualities most needed and most sought in the new world of work. It instills a profoundly necessary commitment to ethics, responsibility, and service. It seeks nothing less than our flourishing as truly free individuals.

A student presenting a poster speaks with a professor
Pillar 3

Career Preparation

Career planning at Loyola is an active process that identifies and builds pathways between academics and aspirations and ensures that our students and alumni can discover and pursue their goals with sophistication, distinction, confidence, and success.

A group of students smiling and laughing
Pillar 4

Greyhound Nation

This is what, ultimately, makes Loyola University Maryland possible. It emboldens each individual to achieve their best possible self. It is where relationships and trust from amongst a diverse community of students, administration, and faculty—which builds the essential environment for academic achievement, personal exploration, and transformation.