Our Story

The Loyola Ready brand is about being prepared—prepared in a very specific, distinctive way. It’s about the depth and breadth of a Loyola education. About connections as well as expertise. About gaining deep knowledge and practicing nimble thinking. And that depth and nimbleness instills a confidence that generates excitement, inspiration, and anticipation of the unknown. Because the unknown is always just before what’s next.

More than ready. Loyola Ready.

Brand Vision

Loyola University Maryland will be recognized for what we offer the world—educated, fulfilled, ethical leaders driven to better the world around them with their talents and compassion. Can we think of a time when people and their families, neighborhoods, society, and our world needed us more than it does now?

Brand Promise

At Loyola University Maryland, you do not have to choose between focused, effective career preparation and the profound life-long benefits of a liberal arts education.

In a diverse, uncertain, and rapidly-changing world, we believe a Jesuit education acquired at Loyola University Maryland best prepares you for academic achievement, the new world of work, and a balanced, flourishing, and purposeful life.