Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT)

Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary: Certification in Grades 7-12 or PK-12

The Master of Arts in Teaching, Secondary program is for individuals seeking initial teacher certification. The course of study is designed to prepare exceptionally qualified teachers who are responsive to the educational needs of diverse learners at the secondary level.


An undergraduate major (or 27-30 sufficient credits) in the content area in which the aspiring teaching is seeking certification (art, biology, chemistry, earth/space science, French, music vocal/instrumental, physics, English, Spanish, mathematics or social studies) is required.

MAT Secondary Certification Areas (Grades 7-12)

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth/space science
  • Physics
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Social studies

Social studies certification includes majors in economics, geography, government, history, philosophy, political science, psychology, and sociology. It is necessary to have at least 15 credits in history.

MAT Secondary Certification Areas (Grades PK-12)

  • Art
  • French
  • Music vocal/instrumental
  • Spanish

Program Format

Most classes are offered in the late afternoon and early evening to balance various schedules. The program is available in both a part-time and full-time format to accommodate students who want to complete the program on a fast pace, as well as students who prefer to take a number of years to finish. Students may start the program in fall or summer semesters.

Degree Requirements

The Loyola MAT in Secondary Education requires 34 credit hours. All courses are three credits, unless indicated otherwise.

Core Courses (12 credits)
SE 761 Introduction to Special Education
TE 600 Foundations of Education*
TE 603 Learning Sciences
TE 670 Teacher Research and Inquiry

Required Reading Course (3 credit)
RE 733 Teaching Reading in the Content Area I

Pedagogy/ Practical Courses (19 credits)
TE 612 Secondary Methods of Teaching* (3 credits)
Electives One in Education or Liberal Studies programs AND one in Education (6 credits)
TE604 - TE611 Methods of Teaching in the Certification Area - 604 (English), 605 (Social Studies), 606  (Science), 607 (Math) or 609 (Foreign Language), 610 (Art ), 611 (Music) (3 credits)
TE641 Internship II Seminar Elementary/Middle/Secondary (1 credit)
TE645 - TE652 Internship I in the Certification Area (1 credit) - 645 (Art), 646 (Music), 647 (French), 648 (Spanish), 649 (English), 650 (Social Studies), 651 (Science), 652 (Mathematics) Please note: students in Earth/space Science, Chemistry and Physics certification areas take TE651. (1 credit)
TE653 - TE660 Internship II in the Certification Area (5 credits) - 653 (English), 654 (Social Studies), 655 (Science), 656 (Mathematics), 657 (Spanish), 658 (French), 659 (Art), 660 (Music) Please note:  students in Earth/space Science, Chemistry and Physics certification areas take TE655. (5 credits)

*Includes a 20-hour field experience.

Field Experiences/Internships

This program includes two 20-hour field placement designed to provide the student with exposure to school classroom operations prior to the internship.

  • Internship I is one day or two half days a week for a semester after initial consecutive full time orientation days.
  • Internship II consists of teaching five school days a week for the semester.  Students take an Internship II Seminar.

Program Outcomes

Completion of this program and satisfactory scores on the Praxis CORE (or equivalent) and Praxis II exams (ACTFL exams  for French and Spanish) will lead to Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) certification. Art, French, music vocal/instrumental, and Spanish apply to grades PK-12 and other certification areas apply to grades 7-12.