Literacy opens the door for academic success. The literacy division at the Loyola Clinical Centers (LCC) offers a variety of reading and writing programs for school aged children throughout the school year and summer. We focus on word recognition skills, reading and writing fluency, vocabulary development, and comprehension.    

The literacy division at the LCC offers multiple on-site and school-based services. Through the literacy services at the LCC, we provide high quality, research-based instruction and assessment in reading and writing for school age children in grades K–12. Children we see may need intensive tutoring, just a little additional help, or enrichment in the areas of reading and writing.

People who need literacy services typically have these kinds of concerns:

  • Are you concerned about your child’s performance in school?
  • Has your child’s teacher expressed concern for his/her reading/writing progress?
  • Does your child lack confidence when reading or writing?
  • Did your child do well in the early grades, but is having difficulty in the intermediate grades?
  • Can your child read to you, but is unable to tell you about what he or she read?
  • Does your child need to be challenged in the areas of reading and writing because he or she excels in these areas?

Fee Comparison Chart

  Average Community Rate
LCC Rate
Literacy Evaluation
$95-$200 $35 or included in Literacy Scholars Program
1:1 Tutoring $30-$60 per hour $10 per hour with sliding scale available
Small Group Rate $25-$50 per hour $7.50-$10 per hour with sliding scale available

Literacy Scholars Program

The Literary Scholars Program, housed at the Loyola/Notre Dame Library of the Loyola Clinical Centers, offers a unique opportunity for graduate students in Loyola's reading specialist master's program to participate in individual and group tutoring sessions with children. All children are assessed using a variety of diagnostic assessment tools. Tutors analyze the results of the assessments to write an individualized instructional plan for the child under the supervision of a Loyola literacy faculty. The Literacy Scholars Program is offered through the school year (registration in summer) and in the summer (registration in spring).


One-to-One Tutoring

The graduate student will meet 1:1 with a K-12 student, pre-assess their literacy abilities, plan individualized instruction based on needs, and execute the instruction. Post-assessments conclude the program to determine growth and future recommendations. A formal case study report is provided to the parent/guardian of the child at the conclusion of the program.


Small Group Tutoring

Graduate students co-teach small groups of six to eight K-12 students. Children are grouped based on similar instructional needs and age. All students are given pre-post assessments and progress monitored throughout the program. Instruction is based on the needs of the group. Progress reports are provided to parent/guardian at the conclusion of the program.


Combination of 1:1 and Small Group

Children are able to attend the Literacy Scholars Program for both services in order to increase the intensity of the literacy intervention.


Reading Clubs

The School of Education undergraduate and graduate pre-certification students conduct 1:1 tutoring sessions after school one day a week off-site at an Archdiocese of Baltimore School. The K-12 students are identified by their teachers as needing reading support and are enrolled in the Reading Club. The Loyola pre-certification teachers conduct pre and post assessments and plan lessons based on the students' needs.

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