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Interfaith Advisory Board

The Interfaith Advisory Board (IAB) is a panel comprised of students, faculty, and administration from various faith backgrounds and spiritual identities. Members of the board serve as a point-of-reference for interfaith visioning, programming, and communication. This board is currently working to develop a strategic plan to enhance interfaith initiatives in our campus community.

The mission of the Interfaith Advisory Board is to live more fully into Loyola’s interfaith character and commitment, rooted in our Jesuit and Catholic heritage and values.

Members of the Interfaith Advisory Board

  • Amy Becker, Assistant Professor of Communication
  • Leo Catinella, student
  • Bret Davis, Professor of Philosophy
  • Nasarah McKinney, student 
  • Maxwell Shanbrom, student
  • Danielle Thorne, student

Facilitators of the Interfaith Advisory Board

  • Elise Gower, staff
  • Zahara Kazmi, student
  • Shivany Trujillo, staff

Faith Traditions, Spiritual Practices and Beliefs Represented

  • Judaism
  • Catholicism
  • Buddism
  • Islam
  • Pentecostal Christianity
  • Searching

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