Hometown: Washington Crossing, N.J.

Major: Fine Arts and Communication

Everyone Has a Strong Truth

It may be undiscovered or unrecognized, but Loyola may be the perfect place to discover yours. Ask a Loyola student, “What is your strong truth?” and get prepared for the answer… “We have a responsibility to give back.” “Believe in yourself.” “International travel changes everything.” The answers are as different as our students, but they are all full of conviction, determination, and hope. Just ask Rory

Rory’s Strong Truth

“Adventures are good”

“Don’t just go outside your comfort zone. Go to the Inner Harbor. Ride the shuttle and walk around. Take advantage of all Baltimore has to offer.”

When Rory was looking at colleges, it was the sense of community that drew her to Loyola. And, as she has become a member of that community, Loyola and Baltimore have become her home.

“When I say I’m going home, I don’t mean New Jersey. I mean Baltimore. The community isn’t just the students getting along well, it’s the academics. It’s the faculty. And there are all of these rituals—sitting on the Humanities porch, going to watch games. You feel like you’re home.”

But that doesn’t mean Rory stays on campus all the time. Some days you’ll find her catching the Collegetown shuttle or the Charm City Circulator and taking a short ride into the city to walk, to read, to reflect, to paint. Rory often wanders the Baltimore Museum of Art, spends a few hours reading in Barnes & Noble, and enjoys a cup of coffee.

“I thought I would be all about classes and clubs,” says Rory. And she is involved on campus: She founded and helps lead the Knitting Club, writes a student blog for Loyola, and is part of the Poetry Club and Philosophy Club. “But I found that I really do love to travel around the city.”

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