Hometown: Revere, Mass.

Major: Political Science

Minors: Biology and Forensic Studies

Everyone Has a Strong Truth

It may be undiscovered or unrecognized, but Loyola may be the perfect place to discover yours. Ask a Loyola student, “What is your strong truth?” and get prepared for the answer… “We have a responsibility to give back.” “Believe in yourself.” “International travel changes everything.” The answers are as different as our students, but they are all full of conviction, determination, and hope. Just ask Jimmy

Jimmy's Strong Truth

“Learn about a wide array of topics”

“Then you can carry them over with you into the workplace. You will also sound really intelligent to your friends when you know all about Sophocles and Artistotle and can give an in-depth analysis of their works at the drop of a hat.”

When James came to Loyola, he knew he wanted to study either biology or political science. He just wasn’t sure which one. So he took classes in both. He ultimately chose political science, but he kept a biology minor—and then added one in forensic studies.

He’s still deciding what his future might hold. It may be law school, or possibly a career in medical lobbying. He’s still figuring that out and talking to his professors about internship possibilities that might be a good fit.

“College is much different from what I was expecting,” he says. “The professors know who you are—and hearing about their backgrounds is kind of cool. This person who is teaching you worked for the Bush administration, and this one was a bioethics expert. And they’re all really accessible.”

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