Hometown: New Milford, Conn.

Major: Psychology

Minor: Global Studies

Everyone Has a Strong Truth

It may be undiscovered or unrecognized, but Loyola may be the perfect place to discover yours. Ask a Loyola student, “What is your strong truth?” and get prepared for the answer… “We have a responsibility to give back.” “Believe in yourself.” “International travel changes everything.” The answers are as different as our students, but they are all full of conviction, determination, and hope. Just ask Ciana

Ciana's Strong Truth

“Compassion without action is an injustice.”

“Coming to college, I knew that I wanted to be involved, but I wanted to be sure I could balance everything with my schoolwork. I decided to find a few things I’m really passionate about and put my heart into them.”

Mission trips to Honduras and the Bahamas made Ciana realize her calling: to serve as a legal or policy advisor on child refugee issues. She chose Loyola because it was in Baltimore, close to internship and job opportunities in Washington, D.C.

Then she considered carefully how to spend her time on campus. Tutoring children through the Refugee Youth Project was a natural fit for her, and her Christian faith led her to get involved in InterVarsity. And, in addition to a few service opportunities, she couldn’t resist joining the Gospel Choir.

“It is so much fun. I chose to do that because I wanted a break in my schedule where I wasn’t doing studying. I wanted music somewhere in my life.”

Ciana found plenty of ways to connect and get involved. “You have to be careful because sometimes you feel guilty because you want to do everything,” she says. “It’s really good to find a few activities to really invest in. It’s more rewarding, too.”

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